At-Home Professional Laser Hair Removal for Medium to Beige Skin Tone - Brown or Aburn. Epidlady Absolute is clinically proven to provide the fastest, safest, self-treatment for beautifully smooth facial skin. Model: EP720-07

-Permanent Hair Reduction. Absolute's laser stylus accurately targets and weakens hair follicles without damaging surrounding skin.

-Affordability, Convenience, and Privacy. With unlimited treatments, Absolute eliminates the need for spa appointments.

-Suitable for Most Hair Colors. Choose the Epilaser stylus that's right for your skin and hair type. Our built-in, safe-contact detector ensures a correct fit.

-Ideal for Small Areas. Use Absolute o the face, bikini line, stomach, fingers, and toes.

-Treatment Guide. Use Absolute every 1-2 weeks for 8 weeks, then periodically for touch-up treatments. Dry use only.