Our Story

In 1986, Epilady brought the first epilator to the market and revolutionized hair removal, offering a cost effective, mess-free alternative to shaving and waxing for women around the world. With no nicks, no cuts, and results that last for up to 4-6 weeks, epilating is the ideal solution for smooth skin.

Since our inception 30 years ago, the Epilady name has been synonymous with superior hair removal. Over the years, we have continued to lead the industry with our innovative technology and designs, as well as our dedicated customer service. Today, Epilady has expanded far beyond the original coil-style epilators that put us on the map (though we still offer those as well!), with a product line offering something for everyone.

Here at Epilady, we know the epilator best – we did invent it, after all. Affordability, convenience, effectiveness, and long-lasting results are the cornerstones of our brand. Over 30 million women worldwide own Epilady products…join us today and find out why!

Want to know more? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Email us at support@epiladyusa.net or call us at 713-666-4582 and we’ll get you started on the path to smooth, silky skin.


Notice Regarding Unauthorized Resellers: 

Epilady products are exclusively available through Epilady's Authorized Resellers. Any Epilady products sold by an unauthorized reseller, or products purchased from an unauthorized source, will not be honored or serviced under the existing Epilady warranty policy. When purchasing Epilady products, be sure to look for the 'Epilady Authorized Reseller' logo, or contact our customer service department at support@epiladyusa.com

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