COMING SOON - Epilady Epilaser Absolute for Men
COMING SOON - Epilady Epilaser Absolute for Men
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COMING SOON - Epilady Epilaser Absolute for Men

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Laser stylus for permanent hair reduction

FDA Cleared

Fast, simple, easy-to-use, affordable, and painless hair removal

The Absolute Laser Stylus for Men from Epilady is an over the counter device intended for the removal of unwanted facial hair.

The Absolute for Men is based on advanced infrared laser technology. The infrared monochromatic laser beam impacts the hair follicle, heating it and weakening it in the process, and neither causes damage nor leaves any traces on the surrounding skin. It is intended for permanent hair reduction in facial hair growth following an initial treatment regimen.

Use the Absolute for Men every 1-2 weeks for 8 weeks, then do periodic touch up treatments as needed when the hair appears.

Absolute for Men, an at-home professional laser hair removal technology, clinically proven.

Unique, patented, and incredibly effective The Absolute for Men allows the fastest, permanent facial hair reduction using professional laser technology with unlimited treatments.

Fastest and safest way for smooth, hair-free, and beautiful facial skin.

The Absolute for Men offers lasting, long-term results with the added convenience, affordability, and privacy of self-treatment, eliminating the need for expensive, inconvenient spa appointments.

The Absolute for Men is effective on most hair colors, excluding white, gray, ginger and light blond, and is suitable for skin that is Level 4 and below on the Fitzpatrick Classification Scale – See chart on page and descriptions in the FAQ page.

Small, lightweight, and ergonomically designed, the Absolute for Men is simple and comfortable to use.

While treating your skin, you may feel a slight tingling sensation – this is an indication that the laser beam has hit the follicle and the device is working. Use your Absolute for Men for just a few minutes and you will be hooked – the ability to remove each and every pesky hair is so satisfying that it’s almost impossible to put down!

If you have sensitive skin and/or any type of skin condition, please consult a physician before use.


  • For dry use only.
    • Do not point the device toward the eyes (yours or anyone else’s).
    • Do not use the device on the following areas of the face: nostrils, eyebrows, forehead, eyelids, ears, and temples.
    • Do not use while pregnant.
    • Do not use if you have recently been treated with: alpha-hydroxy acids, topical retinoids, BHAs, Retin-A, acids, AHAs, azelaic acid, or Accutane.
    • Do not use if your skin is darker than Level 3.

California Prop 65 information: please see photo.

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Clinically proven to permanently remove hair, Patented & FDA cleared (510k)

Intelligent skin detector prevents unwanted effects on surrounding skin areas

Precision lasers target single hair follicles

Cordless operation - 30 minute charging time with USB plug

All about the absolute

Watch the complete guide to at-home hair removal with the new Absolute by Epilady.
Watch now to know more about our new and revolutionary laser hair removal device at home


What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal?

A laser is a device that emits one light wave and focuses while in IPL devices the energy is scattered over different wavelengths. The difference between the 2 methods is just like the difference between a laser marker and a standard flashlight: a laser flashlight creates one light point >>> compared to a standard flashlight Which creates a wide beam of light Advantages: Effective, powerful and accurate treatment, with quick results and without damage to the surrounding skin or burns.

Clinically proven to permanently remove hair

Ideal for shaping, styling and sculpting facial hair