Electronic Flea Comb Zapper Epilady

Electric Flea Killer Safe for Cats, Dogs, Pets, Animals - Detects, Controls, Destroys, Kills Fleas No Toxins or Chemicals Anti-Flea Comb Battery Operated.

100% SAFE FOR PETS AND HUMANS - safe for puppies, dogs, kittens, cats and elderly animals this great chemical and poison free product effectively eliminates the need for nasty chemicals, toxins mess, oils and gels. Safe for use around children

VERY EASY TO USE – the lightweight, compact design fits nicely in your hand. Simply brush through the fur and when the comb detects a flea it zaps it, you retract the comb to clean it and carry on

INSTANTLY DETECTS AND KILLS FLEAS – gentle on your pet but not on the fleas, the harmless electrical charge quickly and effectively detects and zaps fleas

UNIQUE, PATENTED TECHNOLOGY - many years in development this Epilady product is the best product on the market

1 YEAR WARRANTY - Running off 2 x AA batteries (included) the comb is long-lived, reusable and economical.

The Flea Zapper by Epilady is safe, chemical free and easy to use. It is suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens including elderly animals. The Flea Zapper instantly detects and kills fleas on contact with a simple combing action. 

Based on unique, patented technology and many years in development this is undoubtedly the best on the market. Extensive clinical testing of the Flea Zapper by academic institutions found the comb was completely safe for pets and for their owners.

The ergonomic design means it is easy to hold and use, and many animals actively enjoy the combing action. 

To use the Flea Zapper you simply comb through the animals fur holding the comb at an angle of about 45º. It really is that simple. The comb is powerful enough to kill 3-4 fleas in one combing action. 

If the comb gets blocked by dead fleas, it stops buzzing and you simply use the flip-flap switch which automatically cleans the comb head by retracting it back into the comb. Once clear of debris, the comb starts buzzing again, and off you go again. 

The comb teeth have a ceramic coating to help prevent tangles and blockages, and a cleaning brush is also provided. 

When the batteries do need replacing, you just press the battery cover button and the cover opens for easy battery replacement. 

With very long haired animals it is advisable to brush through the hair first to remove knots and tangles before using the Flea Zapper. 

The Flea Zapper comes with a1 year warranty.


- The Flea Zapper should not be handled by people who suffer from epilepsy or heart disease or by people with pacemakers without first consulting a doctor.

 - For use on dry hair only