Dr. Splendid MagiTouch

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The MagiTouch is an ionic facial massager that works to stimulate your facial muscles, relieve their stress and give you a fresher, vibrant and more youthful look. A high frequency vibration action works to diffuse your facial cream and help nutrients penetrate deeper into your skin cells for more effective results.

* Use your MagiTouch to refresh a tired look and stimulate your muscles for vibrant, younger looking complexion

* Use your MagiTouch after when applying your facial and eye creams to help the active ingredients reach deeper and work more effectively

• Gentle vibration stimulates facial muscles for youthful look
• Vibration diffuses facial and eye creams to increase penetration into skin – use with any facial cream of your choice
• High frequency massage helps relieve muscle stress
• Up to 140 vibrations per second
• Ergonomically designed
• Easy to use for any size hand
• Touch-sensor activates the massager
• No on/off switch
• Battery operated
• Small and light-weight - perfect for travel and easy to carry in your purse
• Kit includes: MagiTouch massager, instruction manual 

90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty